Jane Dawson – Director

Jane is the founder and owner of Fine Studios. After completing a BA (Hons) Fine Art at Newcastle University, a very long time ago, she worked in retail, as a lecturer, and ran a successful distribution business from Fine House Farm, with Hugh, her husband, for 25 years. Her desire to return to her love of drawing and painting never left , but she felt a bit guilty: making art was an indulgence. When her midlife crisis struck Jane returned to University, completing her doctorate exploring visual and visceral responses to art using both brain imaging and behavioral methodologies, in 2016. Her prominent ļ¬nding? Art is good for you!

So, when the distribution business closed a fantastic opportunity arose. The warehouse became Fine Studios: a community art space. A space where artists, experienced or beginners, can come to create, look at, experience, collaborate, or contemplate visual art. Because: Art is good for you.

A light, warm, tranquil space for creating art, surrounded by beautiful, peaceful countryside with total privacy
- Fine Studios