Jenny Purrett

Jenny Purrett is an artist and art educator based in the North East.

My contact with the world – as I walk through it, as I pick up and hold a stone, as I run my eye across the horizon line or around the complex shape of a tree branch – is recorded and interpreted through drawing and through making. It is through touch that I explore and understand the world.

The focus of my work is how to bridge the gap between what is there, what is experienced and what is drawn. The work becomes a record of looking and an attempt to pin down the elusiveness of the contour that separates volume and space and the distance of things from the eye. There is always an element of discovery – looking from different perspectives; seeing the familiar in unfamiliar ways. Descartes talked about the eyes as tools for feeling the tactile textures of the world and for me drawing is about ‘touching with the eyes.’ The physicality of the produced mark as well as the idea that this mark is a kind of contact between artist and subject is central to my work.

A light, warm, tranquil space for creating art, surrounded by beautiful, peaceful countryside with total privacy
- Fine Studios