Jane Veitch

Jane is an experienced adult tutor whose teaching is rooted in the practicalities of her life as a working artist.

My work is a way of paying attention to the natural world. I feel the need to negotiate a legitimate place for a human consciousness in our modern, human-threatened world and I come closest to doing this in the forgotten places at the margins of cultivation or in the wildernesses that have been pushed out to the far edges of our archipelago.

My aim is to capture the emotion and energy generated by direct contact with the natural world and then to use it to produce something more considered and complete in the studio.

I cherish my own relationships with places and with the natural world and in imagining a proliferation of similar important small relationships all over the world I can feel our rootedness and inter-connectedness. Exploring such ideas and nurturing such connections is a hopeful thing to do.

This in general terms is the impetus behind my work. When it comes to individual projects and paintings then the pure pleasures of place and the intuitive, non-verbal language of paint have to be wrestled and coaxed into cooperation and this is just as important and real a part of the process as the initial response to nature. The brushes and the coloured mud demand equal attention and respect in the struggle towards a statement which concerns not so much a moment as an essence.

My practice usually consists of concentrated working expeditions where I encounter and absorb the experiences of place and of wilderness and of being a part of the natural world. This is followed by a longer and more meditative period of time in the studio where a process of distillation takes place using both memory and collected material.

Jane is an experienced adult tutor whose teaching is rooted in the practicalities of her life as a working artist. She has spent many years encouraging and supporting the aspirations of a great variety of students. Her aim is to create a supportive but dynamic atmosphere where students are able to focus on their own creativity. She offers support, encouragement and challenge to fellow artists on the road to their own discoveries.

Jane uses a variety of painting and drawing media both out of doors and in the studio and runs a programme of Workshops at Fine Studios.